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In Tallinn all roads lead to Raekoja plats, the citys pulsing heart since markets began setting up here in the 11th century. One side is dominated by the Gothic town hall, while the rest is ringed by pretty pastel-coloured buildings dating from the 15th to …

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Tallinn Town Hall. THE OLDEST SURVIVING TOWN HALL in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. The building history of Tallinn Town Hall goes back to the 2nd half of the 13 th century. It was mentioned for the first time in written sources in 1322. In its present form the Town Hall was completed in 1404 when Tallinn was a flourishing Hanseatic city.

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This particular Town Hall in Tallinn is pretty special as it’s the oldest Town Hall in the Baltic Region and Scandinavia, dating all the way back in the 13th century! This Gothic building used to be a meeting room for citizens of the town council and many criminals would to stand trial here as it acted as a court house too.

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Tallinna Raekoda (Town Hall) Nothing says power like the impressive, Gothic Town Hall that dominates medieval Tallinns main square. It was built in 1402-1404 as a meeting place for the ruling burgomeisters and has been a showpiece of the city ever since.

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Completed in 1404, this is the only surviving Gothic town hall in northern Europe. Inside, you can visit the Trade Hall (whose visitor book drips with royal signatures), the Council Chamber (featuring Estonia’s oldest woodcarvings, dating from 1374), the vaulted Citizens’ Hall, a …

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The Tallinn Town Halls Watch Guard. The Tallinn Town Hall had its own watch guard. The guards kept order in the town, but also observed, whether the enemy was approaching the city or if a fire had broken out, from the tower. When a disaster endangered the city, an alarm was raised on the clock balcony.

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On the right-hand side of this live cam, next to the Town Hall Square, you’ll see the Tallinn Town Hall, a Gothic-style building which is the oldest town hall in Estonia, as well as in all Scandinavia and Baltic region.Every year the Christmas market takes place in this square.

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Tallinn municipality has decided to consolidate its public governance and service entities into a new town hall. The new town hall will be located right to the north of the medieval city centre set within the green ring that wraps around the ancient city walls.

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